Thursday, October 27, 2011

picture of belt test on 10-22-11

Mr. Louis Tran is 3rd DAN

Mr. Robert Walker is 3rd DAN
Mr.Francis Seminski is 4th DAN
Self Defense
spin back side kick
Mrs. Audra Burley is 1st DAN, front kick
spin back side kick
youngest guy is Logan Vang

GM Jonh Nguyen is 9th DAN
Mr.Anthony Walker is refferee
Latasha Gaston is 5th Gup
Ankhang Tran picture taken

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanphong Taekwondo Academy NEWS

Happy New Year 2013

this New Year we hope you have a great times with Than Phong taekwondo and work hard to get your goal

09-29-Saturday TKD Tournament at Michigan Cup Championships
Antonio got 2 Silver Medal
Migeul got 1 Gold and 1 Silver